Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal

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  • Refines the skin while removing hair
  • Takes care of skin sensitivity
  • Soothes the skin with Aloe Vera extracts
  • Removes hair from deep within
  • Delays regrowth of hair for long lasting smoothness 
  • Leaves behind tantalising fragrance of Lotus Milk and Lavender
Products Description

Hair removal doesn’t have to be painful. The parlour lady with her wax strips might say otherwise.

However, we know it is a hassle to go through the sticky messy process of hair removal at parlours, let alone the hole it burns in your pocket.

So, why not get the smooth hairless skin like a Princess without going to pain and keeping it in your budget.

Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal Cream is the new pampering product for those with sensitive skin.

The gentle hair removing process leaves you with glistening smooth hairless skin without irritation or pain.

Its mild composition is not to be doubted as it removes hair within 5 minutes.

Hair removal becomes a revolt against your skin when the cream you’re using has hair removal capabilities but doesn’t care about the sensitivity of your skin that comes afterwards.

Qraa Princess Care is made exactly for that. The goodness of Papaya and Aloe Vera make sure that your skin remains unaltered when you’re getting a smooth skin for special occasions.

It gives you glowing soft skin along with the lingering fragrance of Lotus Milk and Lavender.

How to Use

If you’re turning to Qraa Princess Care for the first time, it is better to do a patch test to ensure your skin is not allergic to the product- Take a small amount of Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal Cream and apply it on the inner side of your elbow.

Wait for 10 minutes and wash off with regular water. If the patch of skin is unaffected within 24 hours, you can safely use the cream.

Take a generous amount of Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal Cream on your arm legs or the patch of skin where you want hair removed.

Spread the cream evenly with the back of the spatula. Do not rub the cream into your hair.

Let the cream stay on hairy patches for 3-5 minutes and then scrape it off using the spatula.

Wash off with cold water and let skin rest for a few hours.

Try using the cream during night time or on days where you spend time indoors to keep skin away from immediate exposure to the sun after usage.


Papaya Extracts

Papaya contains a skin repairing and healing enzyme called ‘papain’. This enzyme increases the rate of collagen secretion in the skin which keeps skin elasticity intact and keeps the skin healthy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most popular anti-inflammatory and soothing plant extract for the skin. It has healing qualities which keep the skin from drying up or ageing. The extracts in Princess Care Hair Removal Cream heals the pores quickly after removing hair and keeps rashes or irritation away.

    Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal
    Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal
    Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal
    Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal
    Qraa Princess Care Hair Removal