Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach Kit

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  • Qraa Laser White is a professional use bleaching kit for fairer skin
  • The creme consistency makes it an easy to apply product
  • Mild exfoliating minerals make tan go away from the first use
  • It deeply hydrates the skin and retains moisture to make the skin look plump
  • Has pre lightening effect for hair to prepare it for colouring
  • Provides a glow and radiance to skin while doing away with impurities
Products Description

There are always different kinds of beauty products.

Some are fast, some have long lasting results, some are harsh on the skin while others are mild.

Bleaching is one such beautification process where choosing the right product is essential to safeguard your skin.

A large number of bleaching products out there have a heavy and harsh chemical composition.

They do certainly do the job for the day but their degrading effects show up within a few days.

The first and foremost is dry and cracking skin and then comes the hyper sensitivity to the sun. Within a week, the chances of acne breakouts increase.

Which is why Qraa brings to you, the mildest bleach combination that feels and looks professional without the harsh side effects.

Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach is a professional use product that is easy to use and has powerful whitening effects.

It has deep exfoliation properties that remove dead and pigmented skin cells and brings out a renewed layer of skin.

It adds a shining radiance to your skin which is unmatched to any fairness cream or facial.

The mild composition of this bleach kit makes it great for use at home. You can easily get the parlour treatment feel at home by following the right instructions.

This bleach kit also comes with a post-bleach soothing serum to reduce the after effects of bleaching like sensitivity.

The ozonated creme bleach formula improves circulation in the skin and increases flow of oxygen to keep your skin looking lively.

How to Use
  • Take two heaped spatulas of bleach cream and mix two pinches of bleach powder to activate it. The ratio of bleach cream and powder shall be 5:1. When applying on the skin, add a spatula of orange cream for lightening as well.
  • Apply this mixture on your desired area for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off the bleach with a wet towel and wash your face with regular water.
  • Avoid applying the bleach mixture to the eyebrows and areas around the eyes.

Stearic Acid

It is the compound in bleach cream that protects the skin from water loss. It has a hydrating effect that strengthens the skin’s defences.

Cetyl Alcohol

Cetyl alcohol is a medication for the skin which prevents drying, itching and flaking of the skin by moisturising it. It prevents rashes and skin irritation.

Sodium Ascorbate

The most common form of Vitamin C supplement, Sodium Ascorbate turns to mild ascorbic acid when brought to contact with the skin. It has no harsh effects and is better than direct ascorbic acid.

    Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach Kit
    Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach Kit
    Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach Kit
    Qraa Laser White Creme Bleach Kit