Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream

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  • Soothes underarm skin to reduce damage
  • Exfoliates the skin naturally to bring out clear skin
  • Contains Zero parabens and artificial fragrances
  • Contains aloe vera extracts to reduce rashes and irritation 
  • Advanced Lacto formula that brightens underarm skin effectively
  • Made to reduce melanin production and effects
Products Description

The one thing that can keep from wearing the favourite dress for your beach party is darkened spot ridden underarm skin.

Do you feel your underarms have been rendered invaluable to your beauty? Fret not, we’ve got the right solution for you to raise your arms up in the air and rejoice.

Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream comes infused with the latest Advanced Lacto benefits that softens underarm skin and makes it lighter and brighter.

The tried and tested formula helps in removing rashes, black spots and warts from underarms that make it look black and rough.

Regular use of Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream can reduce patchy skin from the underarms and reduce melanin production.

It comes with aloe vera extracts that aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and reverse damage done due to rashes and irritation.

Most of the irritation is caused by harsh deodorants that we use. This whitening cream clears out the dead skin cells caused by soaps and deo sprays.

Combined with the Qraa Dark Underarm Colour Correction Mask, you can have bright shining underarms within a couple of weeks.

How to Use
  • Combine and use after using the Qraa Underarm Whitening Colour Correction Mask for best results.
  • Apply 2-3 gms on each underarm and massage thoroughly so that it seeps into the skin.
  • For better results use separately twice a day and use along with Underarm Whitening Colour Correction Mask thrice a week.

Aloe Vera Extracts

It is a natural cooler for the skin and has healing qualities for skin damaged due to inflammation. It reduces the effects of rashes and irritation while smoothing the underarm skin.

Lavender Oil

It is an essential oil with healing qualities that clears out skin pores and makes them healthier so that there are no rashes and ageing of your underarm skin

Stearic Acid

It is an emollient, which means it smoothen and softens the skin. It also reduces irritation and dryness while hydrating the skin.

Kojic Acid

It is a boon for darkened skin as it lightens dark spots, reduces the effects of melasma or hyperpigmentation and decreases the appearance of scars and damaged skin tissues.

    Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream
    Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream
    Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream
    Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream